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Misuzu Kusakabe

草壁 美鈴


Kusakabe Misuzu






169 cm


50 kg

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Purple

Professional Status

Vongola Famiglia
Kusakabe Clan




Team Fragment

Base of Operations

Vongola HQ

Personal Status



Souichi Kusakabe (Father)
Kotoko Kusakabe (Mother)
Misao Kusakabe (Sister)

Misuzu Kusakabe (草壁 美鈴 Kusakabe Misuzu)


The most predominant trait of Misuzu is her red hair, which is sometimes depicted as a blazing flame by Kakeru.

At school, she wears the standard seifuku, albeit longer in length. Her casual clothes consists of a white shirt, a red neck ribbon and a black long shirt with brown tights. The left side of the dress has been split to facilitate her movement in battle. Also, due to having to hide the seals on her finger nails, she almost always wear white gloves.


Before Kakeru's power awakened, Misuzu was the main strength of the gang. She is rational, knowledgeable and has good leadership, which leads the gang to victory on numerous occasions, even though she has a bit cold and condescending attitude toward others people. She is also very independent, as she lives in a mansion deep in the mountain, but does everything by herself instead of hiring maids or butlers. However, being to rigid about traditional ways of Japanese, Misuzu is actually very naive about modern ways of doing things, to the point that she even considered ordering rice balls in a cafe. At the beginning, she didn't get along with Yukiko, Shiori and Takahisa but later warmed up to them (she has a better relationship with them in the anime).

On the other hand, while being strong on the surface, Misuzu is the weakest mind of the group. She was traumatized when Misao revealed the truth about the "fragments". For a short few days when Misao give the group's remainders time to think over whether they decide to continue to be her and Avaritia's opponent or to commit suicide by themselves, Misuzu thought of killing herself and was snapped back by Kakeru. She is a lot more affectionate toward him in her After Story, and even tries to behave like a normal girl for him through cooking, something she excels at. She also would like to be closer to Kakeru and begging him to call her "Misuzu" instead of "Misuzu-senpai."


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Misuzu as a child.

When Misuzu was younger, she had a grudge against her own father for being indifferent to her and her mother due do being female. Therefore, she was determined to get stronger. The possession of the Kusakabe Five Treasures, the immortal shrine of the Kusakabe clan, became her goal. Misuzu succeeded in seizing the swords one by one and around the age of ten, in a battle to win Doujigiri Yasutsuna, she crippled her father, rendering him unable to wield a sword again (though in Resona Forma he said he could wield Doujigiri Yasutsuna with its powers) . Although Misuzu's victories had given her the right to possess all five swords, members of the Kusakabe couldn't forgive her for what she had done. Hence, Misuzu and her mother was forced to leave the clan and settled in Ayamegaoka.